Prank Place

Hilarious pranks, practical jokes and gags! Choose from bumper sticker pranks, prank envelopes, rude or fake parking tickets, two headed quarter, fake lottery tickets, fake bullet holes, revenge toilet paper and more. So if your sense of humor is a little on the fiendish, fun side, you can't pass up some of this great fun.

Insta Poop

Looks soft and real! Just shake the can and press and out comes realistic looking poop! Gross someone out!

Shut The Duck Up!

You're driving everyone "quakers" with that constant blabbering, but it's nothing a little duct tape around the beak won't fix!

Jesus Saves Bank

Do you have a friend who needs a miracle just to save a dime? Well, it's arrived! Finally a bank you can trust!

Annoying Sounds

Drive everyone crazy with this outrageous prank! The noise activates as soon as the light goes off! 

For some unknown reason people simply cannot resist turning on a flashlight, even in daylight. If there is a flashlight laying around, without fail people will pick it up and turn it on. You can have the last laugh with our new shocking flashlight, when your victim tries to turn on this realistic flashlight they get a zap that will make them jump!

We have all seen the classic shocking lighters, and perhaps being a prankster your friends know what to expect when they try to light it. Our new version of this classic looks like a flip top Zippo lighter, when they flip it open ... Zzap ! Gotcha! They get shocked just opening the top! A great remedy to lighter theft.

Shocking Candy Bar

Try to pick up this tempting chocolate bar and the victim gets a powerful ZAP!


Hilarious Refrigerator Magnets

These whacky, and funny mini refrigerator magnets are sure to give you a smile in the morning, or every time you go and open up the ice box door. They make great additions to greeting cards, and gifts. These look great on any metal surface. Over 200 Wild & Crazy Magnets

You don´t have to know Yiddish to express your exasperation! Our "OY VEY" clock does that for you!


Over 8" Tall! Pull Stale Beerfart Jr's. Finger and his car and body will shake, pass gas while saying 7 crazy phrases!

7-11 Everytime Trick Dice

Two sets of dice - one is a normal set and the other will only roll seven or eleven! Win every game of Craps!

More Funny T-Shirts Added


Smaller in size then our full size insulting bird, but just as offensive! This key holding parrot is obnoxious, obscene and insulting, he stands about 4 inches.  With his small size, you can bring him anywhere. Just squeeze his belly and he lets the expletives fly!

Gelling Prank

Instantly transform someone's beverage into totally non edible sludge. A great joke to use at parties!

The Dog Ate my Homework
Teachers can no longer doubt the "The dog ate my homework" excuse, now that you have actual proof!



Express yourself with our huge line of hilarious and wacky key chains. These are fun to share with friends and family, and more affordable then a greeting card.
Over 70 Different Funny Styles, from mild to wild.


Hound Bytes - Remote Control Dog Collar -Now making crude comments to clueless people is as easy as walking your dog. No dogs were harmed in the making of this product (however many were offended). Simply attach the speaker to your dog's collar and hold the remote in your hand, then watch the reaction as your dog confronts passing people with clever remarks and rude lines. Your pooch will speak such lines as "...Farting... Oh I'm so embarrassed, canned food always gives me gas. " or "Hey, does this coat make me look fat?"

Joe Blow The Farting Monkey has explosive talent and an outgoing personality. At the press of a button, this cheese cutting chimp lets 'em rip and puts on a performance of "I Ain't Got Nobody". What a gas! You'll be rolling on the ground with this side-splitting laughter! You can set Joe to be motion activated, or only to put on his show when you pull his finger. Joe has over 10 different random hilarious songs, and phrases.



Full Glossy Color 5" x 7" - The fun signs let you express your true feelings, and make great gifts. They have Velcro For your office cubicle & also have a magnet on the back so you can hang them from the fridge, file cabinet or locker! - Funny, Sarcastic, or de-motivational!



Remote Control Middle Finger
You can now give someone the finger at the push of a button. Remote-control allows finger to magically rise up and give someone the finger. This realistic and life like hand is a perfect prank for home, office, or even your car. Remote works from up to 50 feet and even through walls! When you press the wireless remote the middle finger extends from the closed fist just like a real human hand. Stick the hand in your back window of your car, and the next time some jerk is tail-gating you, just flip 'em off, remotely!


Don't like what your local Applebee's has on the television over your table? No problem.. change the channel to whatever show you want, and nobody will ever know who did it! This remote is about the size of a car alarm remote and lets you control almost any TV. You can control the channel, mute, or even turn the TV on and off.

Our REDNECK RESTROOM is a real gas! A finely detailed, sculpted poly-resin outhouse featuring 10 wacky, REDNECK phrases 'cuz Bubba is stick inside, tryin' to get out. 3 AA batteries included. Press the button and listen to some hilarious phrases from a real country bumpkin' who has become stuck in the outhouse.

Grumpy Santa

Our Grumpy Santa is not jolly, in fact he is very grumpy! The perfect gift for The Scrooge in your office or family. He is motion activated, with sensors in each foot. When activated Grumpy Santa turns his head left or right and wisecracks while moving his mouth. Grumpy Santa is 12 inches tall and says 7 wacky fun holiday phrases.

This prank will make you laugh out loud just thinking about it. Close your eyes and picture a crowded sports bar on Super Bowl Sunday, or perhaps Game 7 of the World Series. Imagine all the fans draped in oversized sports jerseys clutching a beer and screaming at the TV. Seconds left on the clock and boom, the TV Channel changes to the Home and Garden Television network
Santa says in his Santa voice: "Seeing as you've been extra good this year, Santa has an extra special surprise for you HO HO HO..." Then he spins around, and drops his pants, and gives the full moon! Finally, he lets out a big loud laugh while spinning back around to face forward again.


Fanny Bank - Farting Piggy Bank
Drop Some Loot and Hear Me Toot! Stop dropping those coins on the dresser, or in some old water jug tucked away in a closet. With our hilarious Fanny Bank, saving your pennies will be a real gas! Drop in a coin, and hear this bank fart in digital audio. So loud and so disgusting you will not want to stop dropping coins in the fanny. A great gag gift for those cheap A$$ friends.


Talking Napoleon Dynamite Figure
The ultimate collectible gift for the true Napoleon Dynamite fan! Limited Supply! This 8 inch Talking Napoleon Dynamite Figure , sculpted in the image of the film's slack-jawed hero, says 18 different lines from the movie. Sound quality so clear you'll feel like Napoleon Dynamite himself is in the room talking to you! He is wearing faded blue jeans, Vote For Pedro shirt and his classic moon boots Comes in an attractive gift package.
Our inventory policy is to only offer funny stuff, if we find it funny, you'll find it on However, this item was so strange, that we found it funny. It's really quite nice, but it is just struck our twisted minds as funny. Its a little pregnant torso with a baby that can be removed. The incredibly lifelike fetus is protected in a liquid that allows it to float in the little womb.
This bird is rude, insensitive, and has a "fowl" mouth! What a funny Christmas gag gift for your boss! You've got to be so careful what you say these days, but our Polly the Insulting Parrot isn't, and lets them rip with one sensitive and rude wisecrack after another. Polly is one dirty little bird. Polly looks innocent enough sitting on his little perch, but when Polly detects motion, he lets the expletives fly! In a fun parrot voice, Polly insults anyone who crosses in front of her, and make you want to punt her like a football.
The World's only Talking Action Chanukah Gift! At last, an animated fun and silly Chanukah gift. Invite this 9 inch talking, animated doll to the festival of lights this year! When you squeeze Latke Larry's foot, he sings a funny little tune about potato Latkes to a funky beat, and ends with the infamous Seinfeld line "Serenity Now!" Latke Larry's song is performed by the voice on Jerry Stiller. While he sings he moves his frying pan, and Latke to the beat.

Poo-Pooping Reindeer
Press on Rudolph's body and he poops out a delicious candy. This little Reindeer candy dispenser comes with little brown candies and is refillable. Also Available in Pooping Santa, Pooping Snowman, Pooping Moose, Pooping Sheep & More!



This is perhaps one of the oddest items we offer. It is a cute (can poop really be cute?) little 3 inch plastic pile of crap, with a fake fly on the side. The cool thing is, when you pull the fly a string pulls out (Like the old See & Say toys) , release the string the string and the poop shakes like crazy.
Chalk outline crime scene beach towel is a real attention-getter! A great Christmas gift for your favorite crime-story junkie! Soft, 100% cotton terrycloth towel features a design that looks just like a real police chalk outline

Fake Human Hand
Fool your friends, and co-workers with this realistic looking human hand and sleeve. The human sized hand hangs from a 20 inch shirt sleeve and looks as though you have stuffed someone in your drawer, refrigerator, cabinet, or even your car trunk.

Nasty Little Bear

 Introducing the craziest little stuffed bear you have ever seen! Our Nasty Little Bear is as cute as can be, with his soft brown fur and little red t-shirt. However, looks can be deceiving! This little guy is only cute on the outside! When you squeeze his belly he lets 'em rip! He will fart, burp, puke, snort, or have a bad case of dry heaves! It is almost as disgusting as it is cute! About 8 Inches tall, and includes batteries.

Hilarious T-Shirts

PrankPlace is pleased to introduce our newest line of fun, hilarious & scandalous T-Shirts. Here are just a few of our 18 funny styles of 100% cotton T-Shirts available in sizes Medium thru XXL:


The Fart Guy

This funny little guy moves his arm up and down producing fart sounds to the beat of popular songs all while he sings some outrageous lyrics. His hits include "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow", and "Arm Pit Buddy Sing this Song, Do Da, Do Da" plus many more hilarious tunes filled with his arm-pit farting.



Crazy Cluck -The Wacky Chicken

The Crazy Cluck Chicken flaps and waddles around while doing the "Chicken Dance", clucking and flapping his wings in sync with the melody! Grab him by the neck and lift him up while he does his annoying little dance, and we will squawk and cluck like mad, flapping his wings wildly and if he is gagging and choking! Choke the chicken and watch him go wild!

Bang 'em on their head, and listen to their trash talk! The world famous line of Trash Talker dolls. When first released in these offensive toys quickly gained worldwide media coverage as the most offensive line of dolls ever produced. You bang these dolls on their head, and they talk trash, a lot of trash! Each doll is approximately 8 inches tall and includes batteries.

Manhole Mats
Indoor or Outdoor

Available in 7 different styles, these manhole cover rugs are actual size and modeled after the exact man hole covers in the city they represent. Every home or office needs a conversation piece, and now you can tell visitors that you have a public sewer running through your living room. These are incredibly well made, and durable. They are great for indoors or outside. They're 24" diameter, nylon flocked, super durable, indoor/outdoor floor mats. Street style for your home with impeccable attention to detail and style.

Be the life of the party this Halloween with any of our hilarious costumes. You will not find any boring ghosts, or monsters at The Prank Place. Just outrageously funny costumes. Check out our new Blow Me Tissue Box Costume, His & Her Handcuff costume, and our Giant Whoopie Cushion Costume.


Check out all the wacky hats!  From a Can of Spam to a light-bulb, PrankPlace has a hilarious collection of silly hats, including the big orange Jack -O- Lantern hat seen here.



Beer Pong

You Sink It - They Drink It! Beer Pong is the ultimate beer sport. Get your fill of exercise (and beer) with our official two foot long Beer Pong table. You sink it, they drink it! Also includes 2 paddles and ball

Just add the BusterClub™ to your golf bag & the next time you make a bad shot, you can take out this handy "club" & break it in half! The BusterClub™ really breaks & goes back together for more fun breaks! For the golf enthusiast who's unenthused! Fool Your Friends!

Break it in half & watch 'em laugh! These really like real golf clubs, and makes a real breaking sound when you snap the club. Comes with extra plugs, so you can break it again, and again
Express yourself with our huge line of hilarious and wacky hitch covers for your truck, SUV or car. These quality plastic hitch covers attach to your trailer hitch and will tell other drives exactly what your feeling. Show off your ride in style with these full color trailer hitch covers.
You have never seen "beenie" babies like these cute cuddly guys. These Weenies babies are always Happy to see you! We discovered this innovative little teddy bear company based in Hawaii who put a lewd spin on the ever popular and cute Beenie Babies, they call them Weenie Babies for obvious reasons

The Hip Hop man is a unique toy, that will make a great gag gift, regardless of the recipient's opinion about hip hop music. WARNING : After hearing the Hip Hop man a few times, you will find yourself uncontrollably singing his tunes, and unable to stop. Standing 12 inches tall, the Hip Hop Man, will dance and rap his way in to your heart.

Who wants any of those lame inspirational art posters on their wall? You know the ones with a picture of lake and an inspiring quote. We took the idea and made it funny with our Sarcastic Art. Our line up of posters are not only funny, but they will look great on your wall!

Pictured is "TEAMWORK - 'There is no I in Drunk' "

If Barbie makes you want to puke and memories of your childhood being forced to play with Barbie dolls induces nightmares, we have the cure. Introducing Trailer Trash Talkin' Turleen. Yes that's right, a burping, beer drinking, cigarette smoking, 12 inch tall doll, the exemplifies true American White Trash. Press her belly, (it's big because she's got one in the oven) and she will share some pearls of wisdom with the sophistication and style that makes her family and third grade teacher proud.

Jackie's Talking Joke Machine

Now you can hear many of Jackie Martling's best jokes at the touch of a button! Each Talking Joke Machine comes with a Jackie's Joke Cartridge loaded with more than 100 hilarious jokes. Known internationally as "The Joke Man," Jackie knows them all, and serves them G-rated, but always wildly funny. The Talking Joke Machine can play the jokes in the preset order, or at random, and features a volume control so you can entertain yourself or an entire room.

 Introducing our unique "Pocket - Get off the Phone Excuse Machine". This little device gives you six different sounds that will help you out of the tightest spot - and get you off of the phone "fast". Freedom is just "the press of a button" away. Use it in the car, and play the "static" sound and blame the cell phone, use it at home and play the 'door bell' announce that someone is at the door. 6 different sounds, to help you get off the phone, fast!

Farting Pull My Finger Dad Doll - A Great "Farters" Day Gift

Is your Dad always asking you to "pull his finger"... and you know what happens next! The Original PULL MY FINGER® brand doll, "Pull" his finger and Fred lets loose with a fart, shakes in his chair and follows up with any one of 10 hilarious phrases, this is a must have for any dad!

There is nothing wrong with this clock; it tells perfect time. So let go of your mainstream ideas about correct numerical sequence and proudly display this 9-1/2" Mixed Up Clock in your home or office.


Our Potty Mouth Pens are hysterical. Use them yourself, or leave them laying around for a little prank. When you click the button to use the pen, it lets out one of four swearing foul POTTY MOUTH expressions.


The Beer Belt

This is hilarious, it is an adjustable belt that hold 6 cans of beer, it even holds bottles. Dad will love this! Load up his belt and send him outside for the day to paint, or cut the lawn, and he will be a happy camper.  A great gag gift for those beer loving friends!

What set of keys would be complete with out one of these? Go ahead, ask someone to pull this finger! When they do, this funny key ring plays one of several different farts! A Must have!

The World's Largest Pen

It actually works just like an ordinary pen, but this pen is GIGANTIC! Have a big contract to sign, or a big deal to close? Sign it in a big way with our gigantic pen. Great for meetings, office gag gifts, or for that person who always seems to lose their pen.


Jazzy J Fly The Frog
Jazzy J Frog is a giant plush frog over 11 inches tall. You will be impressed with how soft he is, and how well he is made. When you squeeze his foot, the globe he holds lights up and changes color shades. He sings a bluesy version of "What a Wonderful World", His mouth moves perfectly to every word. Jazzy will make a perfect fun gift.
Slip on body art. Amaze your friends, shock your spouse, or co-workers with our new tattoo sleeves. Now you can get "inked" by night and still keep your day job with our amazingly cool "tattoo sleeves" the tattoo is printed directly on the stretchable fabric sleeves fabric which is a machine washable nylon. They come in pairs; wear one or both. Choose from 4 different styles; "tribal" in stripes, traditional with serpents skulls, or our newest styles Celtic, and Japanese styles.

The Bill Clinton Talking Squeezer Doll
One of our most popular items is our Farting George Bush doll, but we like to laugh at both political parties, so we introduce the timeless Squeeze Me Talking Clinton Doll. In a hilarious Clinton voice, the doll exclaims three classic Clinton quotes. "I did not inhale.." and everybody's favorite, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman..." made him the president we all love to make fun of. Every Democrat and Republican alike will love our Talking Clinton Doll. Just squeeze his belly and he lets out one of 3 different infamous Clinton quotes.

Peter Petrie Egg Separator
This has to be one the most hideous presents you could ever give a baker or a chef. Not only is revolting to watch it, but is actually very practical. It is an egg separator. You drop in an egg, lean it forward and Peter Petrie drips the egg whites from his nose (looks like snot) and leaves a perfect yolk in the dish. Believe it or not, these are hand made in the USA at a respectable New England pottery studio. Absolutely Disgusting!
Triumph The Insult Comic Dog
Need your spirit lifted? Laughter is the best medicine, but scientists have recently found the being pooped on has significant health benefits as well. Let Triumph The Insult Comic Dog (From Late Night with Konan O'Brien) put you and your friends in their place. You can't help but smile, because after all, Triumph "keeds". Of course, Triumph also makes a great gift, too..."For me to poop on!"
Barry Wonderful
Barry Wonderful is sure to come to the rescue in the need of Love. Squeeze Barry's left paw and watch and listen as he sings the hit song by Barry White, "You're The First, The Last, My Everything", while moving his mouth and head in a synchronized motion. Barry is an 11" soft plush St Bernard Dog with long fluffy ears and a collar with a black and gray emblem that reads, BW, You're The First, The Last, My Everything! Barry is the perfect gift for that "Special" someone! Batteries included.

Remote Control Scary Sounds Machine

You can hide the sound box anywhere and when you press the remote it lets out one of 7 different random scary sounds. From a door creek, to a loud scream, this will scare people half to death! Hide this in the bathroom or the bedroom, and scare the pants off of anyone. Works through walls and up to 100 feet away!


Tired of rude drivers and road-hogs cutting you off, changing lanes without signaling and generally acting like jerks? Looking for a safe and effective way to vent your frustrations? Let your redneck friend handle them for you. Simply attach our Redneck Horn to your dash and when you feel the need to scream, just press the big red button. Out comes one of ten “Redneck Insults” in a loud redneck accent sure to make you laugh and feel better fast. Things like, "Hey, (bleep!), who taught you how to drive?" and "Git the (bleep!) outta my way!" Perfect Gift for the Redneck we all know.

We all know someone who is always late and yet they really do not seem to care. They are on 'whatever time', meaning whatever time they feel like showing up, they do. Or maybe you have a room in your house where you go to relax, away from the everyday stresses of life, or a loud mouth boss? You need to be on whatever time.
Our new Whatever Clock is perfect for people who want to free themselves of the time constraints of life. A real working clock, but all the numbers have fallen, and rest jumbled on the bottom of the clock. Requires 1 AA battery, not included.
Fiesta Freddy
Party Island Style with our singing and dancing Fiesta Freddy. He is an 11" long-haired plush parrot accented with oversized fruit hat Squeeze his claw to watch it dance & sing "Jump in the Line!" His mouth moves to the words. You can not help but feel like you on a tropical vacation with Fiesta Freddy! Operates on 3 AA batteries, included.

Mop Slippers

Check out these Savvy Bachelor Mop Slippers. Each pair of slippers are not only comfortable, but functional as well. Clean your floors while you go to the fridge for a beer. Made of soft fabric that is washing machine safe!



Mr. Lucky Poker Dog
Every time you turn on the TV these days, it seems all the channels have poker. Celebrities playing poker, world series of poker, pigs playing poker, etc. PrankPlace is pleased to introduce you to our new Animated Poker Dog. Perfect for any gambler (Father Day Gift, maybe?), this cute little plush gentleman dog is holding pocket Ace's, and he is ready to roll.  He moves his head side to side, and his mouth moves perfectly as he sings "Luck Be A Lady". You have to see it to believe it, so watch the video demo of him on our website.

You're Fired Talking Boss Pen

Leave this funny talking pen on your bosses desk, and he too can feel like 'The Donald'. When you click the top of the pen to make it write, it talks and says "YOU'RE FIRED!"



Office Fun Signs -Velcro & Magnetic

Full Glossy Color 5" x 7" - Velcro For Cubicle & Magnetic For the Fridge

80 Different Hilarious Signs

Express Yourself Signs - 5" x 7" Signs with Velcro on the back (to hang in an office cubicle) and a magnet - hang on a fridge, file cabinet or locker! - Funny, Sarcastic, or de-motivational!



Based on the traditional 'follow the wire' games that beeped at you if your hand slipped and touched the wire, this version has a much harsher approach. If your not steady and you hit the wire with your wand there's not just a beep, you also get zapped. It requires a cool head and a steady hand to master this, and although precision is more important than speed, it's great fun having timed races in the office to find out who's the fastest.

20Q - Electronic 20Q Game

This game will blow your mind, with its accuracy. Based on the popular website, this portable game has you try to stump the “all knowing” artificial intelligence of 20Q. To play, just think of something…anything and turn on the electronic orb that fits right into the palm of your hand. Then watch in amazement as 20Q tries to guess what you’re thinking! Answer yes, no, sometimes, or unknown to the series of questions it poses like a scrolling digital news ticker. If it guesses correctly within 20 questions, it wins. If not, you win! Can it read your mind?

The first catapults were built around 200 B.C. to hurl flaming 6-pound javelins. Now you can use the same basic mechanism to launch tiny plastic pigs, chickens, cats or even Ninjas through the air with our funny catapults. You may question the concept at first, but trust us, after propelling a few pigs across the room or office you'll be a believer too. Now you can propel little plastic pigs across the office while you co-workers try to conduct actual business.

The Oinking Shaking Football

Tossing a football can be fun both at the office (in the cubicles) and at home. However, toss a oinking pig shaped ball around, and the fun is multiplied by a factor of 10. (So says the salesperson at the Pig Ball Factory). So we are proud to introduce, the PIG BALL. A football shaped pig, that squeals and squiggles when he is caught.

Outrageous Christmas Gift Wrap

You have to see it to believe it! Be this hit of your Christmas Party this year with this NAUGHTY Gift Wrap and Gift Bags. Santa Shakes his booty and sneaks a peak up Mrs. Claus' dress! Four different wraps to choose from.

Funny Air Fresheners

Kill two birds with one stone, get rid of that stench in your car, and generate some laughter at the same time. Our line of hilarious air fresheners not only look great hanging from your mirror, but the vanilla smell they put out is great. Don't be a lunkhead with another green tree hanging on your mirror, life is way to short not to laugh out loud, and we guarantee people will laugh with one of these babies hanging from the mirror.


Watch out for Humphrey the humping dog and his unique brand of affection! Attach his front paws to any object, give his ear a squeeze and watch as this little dog barks and gyrates doggy style.


The world's only Remote Controlled BullSh*t Detector. The pranksters version of the lie detector. Get even with the BS'ers in your life as their BS will no longer stand a chance. Use the included Remote Control to activate one of the 7 hysterical phrases. Small enough to conceal just about anywhere. Works through walls and has a range of 50 feet and has an adjustable volume control.

Shocking Roulette -A Shocking Good Time!

A truly electrifying game of chance! Select the number of players, put your finger in one of the four slots, and let it "spin." Lights and sounds start out fast and gradually slow down (just like a roulette wheel) to prolong the tension. When the sound stops, someone gets the shock of their life! Everyone else gets a big laugh! Victims are electronically selected at random. You never know who will be next. Great for parties.

The Spice Mice

Look what crawled in to The Prank Place; The Spice Mice - These cute and cuddly little guys have BIG Personalities. You squeeze their belly and the come out with some hilarious stuff!  They talk and some sing. 12 Different styles, one for every type of personality. Our pick for the funniest would be TONY MOUSIANO, the Tony Soprano of the mouse world.

Remote Control Farting Teddy Bear

We are pleased to introduce the World's Very First Remote Control FARTING Teddy Bear! This giant sized plush bear appears so cute and cuddly, everyone will love him. Hidden within this Lil' Stinker's belly is a fart machine, and when you press the wireless remote, he lets out a rip roaring fart, and his cheek glow red. Imagine all the fun you could have with this guy!

Battling Bush Bop Bag

Frustrated with politics? Want to go a few rounds with our fearless leader? We have the second best thing, the Battling Bush Bop Bag! Take your swings at Dubya, but beware, he will not stay down! The Battling Bush bop bag is 4 feet tall and constructed of durable vinyl material, and has a sand filled base for bounce back action, and features squeaky gloves so hear your blows land! Read his Dad's lips as he roots for junior in the background.


The Ultimate Office Stress Release
Computer lock up? Boss ask you to stay late? Let all the stress fade away, with the obnoxious 6 inch punching bag. Give the bag a whack and enjoy as it exclaims one of 4 fobnosious phrases:

Looney Labels - Joke Can Labels

"Hey - what's for dinner?" Stewed fish eyes?
Want to shock Mom next time she opens the kitchen cupboard or turn a few stomachs at your next dinner party. These "Looney Labels" are guaranteed a lot of double takes - no matter where you show them. "Cousin Skeeter's Backwoods Cookin' " offers a true taste of the mountains - with country favorites, like; "Roadkill Ravioli" and "Pickled Pigs Snouts".

Joe Blow The Farting Monkey has explosive talent and an outgoing personality. At the press of a button, this cheese cutting chimp lets 'em rip and puts on a performance of "I Ain't Got Nobody". What a gas! You'll be rolling on the ground with this side-splitting laughter! You can set Joe to be motion activated, or only to put on his show when you pull his finger. Joe has over 10 different random hilarious songs, and phrases


Talking Mr. Butt Face Pen Holder
Just in is the new moaning, groaning, oddly disturbing Mr. Butt Face Pen Holder. This must have desktop accessory will crack up the entire office when you insert the pen. He moans, and talks, all while slamming his head up and down. A great Gag gift for Dad for Father's day!

Naughty Door Hangers

Place these naughty DO NOT DISTURB Door hangers on your bedroom, bathroom or office door. Great gag to leave on co-workers office door too! Great variety to choose from.



~ It really Works! ~

It really works! Actually detects methane (fart) gas. When gas is detected, you will hear "WARNING! FART DETECTED! WHOOP! WHOOP!"

No more guessing who cut the cheese! This powerful little device will be a blast at the office!

Parody Quarters

People just love to collect the new state quarters as they come out, but leave it to the jokers at the Prank Place to come up with truly unique US Quarters. Made from real US Quarters, these PARODY coins are hilarious and very naughty. 7 Styles to choose from, featuring some proactive poses, with President Clinton, Bush and even Hilary.

Revenge Toilet Paper

Simply replace the real toilet paper roll with our revenge toilet paper, the "victim" can not tear it, or rip it! One of the funniest pranks! Imagine their reaction when they try to tear the paper, and it can not be torn. They will be screaming from the stall!

A Perfect Gag Gift!

Our line of outrageous inflatable dolls make hilarious gag gifts. These blow-ups are super for stag parties, office gifts, etc. None of these humorous dolls are anatomically correct. For some wild fun, prop one of these in your boss's chair

Smashed Window Prank
We have just added a ROCK to our window shatter pranks. Apply this to any window, and watch as your 'victim' is convinced that a rock smashed their window. The static cling shatter marks look so real with the fake rock, this will fool anyone.

Shocking Gum Pack

Brand new to the Prank Place line up is our SHOCKING GUM PACK. When unsuspecting victims try to grab a stick of gum, they get a shock of a lifetime! They may jump up and down, scream, and yell. We guarantee they will never ask you for another stick of gum.  The shocking gum, packs the strongest shock of all of our shocking products.

Digger the Farting Dog

You friends and family probably will think your new dog is cute and adorable as he plays in the yard, or on the rug, but wait until they walk up to our new DIGGER the farting dog! He is motion activated, and he will kick his leg, wag his tail, bark, and finally let our a great big long FART!!!!! You have to see it to believe it, you can actually listen to a sample on the site.


Just like the famous Magic Eight Balls, but with a Twist! Ask the Sarcastic Magic 8 Ball a question, and you may not like the sarcastic reply. 8 Different wild and crazy Magic 8 balls to choose from.


Dad can take his favorite beverage wherever he goes. Each eyepiece unscrews and the binoculars hold a total of 16 oz. of his favorite beverage. Comes equipped with funnel and binocular strap. Perfect gift for the golf course, baseball games, football stadiums, other sporting events, or anywhere where you may need a little secret pick me up.

Butt Face Towels

Isn't it about time for one of these?
Get Your Butt Face Towel Here

Garden Gnome

Who needs those boring little frogs and turtles cluttering up your garden or yard? Spice up the place with a Prank Place Garden Gnome. These funny little guys are made from high quality plastic and are sure to bring some laughter to your life. See All 3 Here

Insulting Talking Mirror

Who can resist looking in a mirror?
Did you ever look into a mirror and wish it could talk to you like in the nursery rhymes? Wish it could tell you how good you look? Well, with our new Talking Hand Mirror, your wish will come true, sort of... Jackie Martling, world famous comedian, and former Howard Stern sidekick will belittle and insult anyone who dares look in this magic mirror. 35 Insults, mostly rude and crude.

Up Yours Hat

Who needs another boring New York Mets cap, when you could have any of our new hilarious hats. One of the funniest has to be the UP YOUR HAT. It includes a pull tab so you can pull the line and give someone the bird anywhere and anytime. Your pull the cord, and the finger proudly stands up and gives the universal UP YOURS middle finger. Plus eleven other crazy caps.

Hilarious Remove Control Drive People Crazy Machine
You can hide the sound box anywhere and let the annoying sounds drive people crazy. You control the sound box with a tiny remote control. We loaded it with the most irritating sounds we could find: a mosquito buzzing, a cell phone ringing, a beeper going off, water dripping, crickets chirping, a telephone off-the-hook sound and a cat's meow.
Works through walls and up to 100 feet away!

Automatic Farting Bubble Blower

The Automatic Farting Bubble Man - Just fill his barrel with bubble solution, turn him on, and watch (and hear) as he blows bubbles from his butt and farts.


Our line of bizarre action figures are sure to get people talking. These make great gag gifts and desk toppers. Each comes in an attractive package

The Talking Toilet Nanny

The toilet nanny will help make your home free from the annoying habits of men in just a few easy steps. When guys raise the toilet seat, a nice British voice reminds them of a few pointers. "Excuse me sir!. Please try to urinate IN the toilet - NOT on the floor, and put the seat down when you are finished!". Simply place the toilet nanny on the underside of the seat and it will start working when somebody lifts the seat. Pretty funny to put at the office too!

The Zero Dollar Bill
Did you ever feel a though you were paying too much for something? Well, the jokers here at The Prank Place have come up with the answer.  Its a ZERO dollar bill. It has an authentic look and feel of real currency, but its worth a big fat nada. These will really get your point across to the next rude waitress.



135 different bumper stickers, some mild, some wild, but the nice thing is, there is something for everyone.



 More Fun Stuff!

  • Count Fartula - Farting Dracula PULL MY FINGER Count Fartula! Scary sounds and frightful smells... Now celebrate the truly frightful sights and smells of HALLOWEEN! No one can resist The Count when he sticks out his finger. So go ahead... we dare you... PULL IT! Click Here to Listen to the hysterical Count Fartula!

  • Remote Control Spider - Feeling Bored?  Want to have some fun at your office or home? Scare the pants off of someone with the new realistic looking REMOTE CONTROL SPIDER! The little 8 legged little spider scurries at top speeds, and you control his every little move. Loads of fun for the office, home, party, or even better the local restaurant. Get Yours Today before they are all gone!

  • Peppermint Peckers - These are hilariously funny candy , even if they are a little naughty. 

  • Shocking TV Remote - Do your friends, spouse or room-mates hog the TV clicker? Get REVENGE and teach them a lesson they will never forget! A SHOCKING TV Remote!  It looks just like a universal Remote Control but when they go to change your channel, they get a ZAP! 

  • Fart Clock - it Farts on the Hour, every hour. Hilarious!

  • Satin Boxers - Choose from 20 different pairs of  Nice and Naughty Satin Boxers. Think ahead - these make great Stocking Stuffers!

  • Shocking Office Stuff - Zap!  Shocking Prank Calculator, Pens, PC Mouse, and more! Stops office thefts 100%. Great April Fools Gag!

  • Fart Candle - This candle is labeled as a "French Vanilla Scented Candle" but it actually smells like a fart.  Give them to those people you know who love scented candles and the shock they will experience when they burn them and expect to smell sweet French Vanilla, and instead it stinks like a fart. Hilarious!!!!

  • Trash Talkers - Check out these Trash Talkers, sure they look cute, but they are so RUDE!  They let out one of 5 hilarious and rude sayings when you bang their head. These dolls will crack you up!

  • New Golf Gags  - Fabulous!

    • The Exploder - The Exploder looks like a regular golf ball but with one very special difference. It blows up in a spectacular cloud of smoke-like powder

    • The Smasher - Looks Like A Golf Ball Smashed Into Your Windshield!

    • The Floater - The Floater is official size and plays like a regulation ball. But with one very special floats.

    • Jet Streamer - When hit, The Jetstreamer ejects 15' of streaming red ribbon. Bet your partner he can't hit that great shot again and drop The Jetstreamer on the fairway. Hold your laughter and watch his astonished face when he hits it!

    • The Unputtable - When chipped or putted The Unputtaball jumps, skips, slides, gyrates. But never, never goes straight. It's hilarious and maddeningly unpredictable!

    • The Wobbler - The Wobbler looks and feels like a regular golf ball. But when you wobbles all over the putting green. The Wobbler lends itself to endless joke situations

    • Pop-A-Putt - Fool your golfing buddies with the funniest gag since the exploding golf ball. Slip the spring-loaded POPaPUTT into the cup when they're not looking and stand back. On the next putt, watch the incredible shock on their faces when the POPaPUTT pops the ball right back out of the hole. It's a riot!

  • Funny Keychains

    • Trash Talking Teddy Keychain, it is a cute fuzzy bear that shouts rude expressions when you squeeze his belly! 

    • OLD FART Keychain, that lets out a loud Fart when you squeeze this underwear keychain. 

    • Several new Pooping keychains, like a pooping baby, and pooping elephant. 

  • Gag Post Cards - These are hilarious prank postcards.  They have great pictures and you'll want to buy them to send to friends and co-workers as a great practical joke. They come from places like "Discount Adult Diaper By Mail, Inc" or "Modern Nudie Magazine" and a lot more!

  • FAKE WINNING LOTTERY TICKETS!  - These are a great prank! Every ticket looks like a REAL $ 25,000 winner, the victim will be jumping for joy until they read the back of the ticket!

  • "Driving While Ugly" or "Parking Like a Jackass" ? - Slap one of these hilarious fake parking tickets on their windshield today! These look just like REAL parking tickets, but they only insult the driver!

  • Hate those idiots at the mall who take up 2 spots? - Sweet Revenge! Slap one of these "I LOVE PORN" MAGNETIC bumper signs on their car. They wont notice until they get home!

  • Fart Lollipops or Fish Lollipops, YUK!!  - Funny Prank Candy - Have some fun with those candy lovers!
    Never Lose Another Flip of the Coin! - Two Headed Quarter - Both Sides are heads, these are great for parties or the office. Heads you win EVERY TIME! These are 100% guaranteed to fool ANYONE!

  • IS YOUR BOSS A JERK? Lazy Co-worker? Smelly neighbor? - Reward him or her with Certificates of Shame!
    Embarrassing Mail!!! - Hilarious Prank Envelopes! Send one of these to someone's office!!!! From such fine companies like Viagra Users Anonymous!

  • Authentic Looking Fake Bullet Holes - Great for cars, trucks, or suv's. These look VERY real!!! Add a touch of the Sopranos to your car! Now magnetic bullet holes too! They've  also added some awesome additions to their  fake bullet hole line - glass bullet holes and animal claws.